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CenterSite Content for Aurora Mental HealthCompelling, consumer-oriented content is key to motivating your audience to visit your site again and again. Sites that do not provide interesting content tend to be overlooked in favor of sites that do. When your site is overlooked, it cannot help you to educate your community about the events and programs you provide.

CenterSite solves the problem by offering you its award-winning content solution, matched to the present "look and feel" of your existing website and hosted with a similar domain name. You create links from your existing website to your new CenterSite "Content" website wherever you need content, and that content is then displayed on the CenterSite content website. The content website, in turn, links back to your main website. Traffic will flow seamlessly between the two websites such that only the most sophisticated site visitors will know what is occuring.

CenterSite content websites have many advantages, not the least of which is that they are literally maintainance free. CenterSite fully hosts them and maintains the content on them. All you have to do is link to them to gain their benefits.

With CenterSite’s private labeled content sitting behind your website, the people of your community can begin to experience your site as their trusted source for mental health (wellness, work/life, medical health, etc.) news and information. You'll also be able to get site visitor's attention by posting your own important annoucements (such as new programs and services, training classes or fund raising events


Aurora Mental Health Main WebsiteVisit the Aurora Mental Heath Center of Aurora, Colorado's Website to see an example of a CenterSite content website backend solution in action. Aurora Mental Health Center is one of the largest providers of Behavioral Health services to children, adults, and families in Colorado. The main Aurora Mental Health Center website  is maintained separately from CenterSite. CenterSite provides a content backend website for Aurora Mental Health Center, which shares the look and feel of the main Aurora Mental Health Center website but is separately hosted and maintained by CenterSite. Aurora Mental Health Center depends on their CenterSite website for content purposes, but maintains only their own existing website.

"As a community mental health center public education and reducing the stigma of mental illness is something we are always working toward improving. The addition of the CenterSite comprehensive educational library we added to our web site has really helped us to achieve a whole new educational feature that we can customize very easily. We also now get the latest news feeds on our site adding very timely important health information for our community. Implementing this was simple and done very professionallly. I'd recommend CenterSite to any organization wanting to enhance their site in this way." Cindy Bohl, Public Relations and Marketing Director, Aurora Mental Health Center

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